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Separation Agreement. We have engaged CPT Group to help us share your US separation agreement with you. The agreement provides you with critical information including confirmation of your separation date and the amount of severance consideration you are being offered, among other terms and conditions of this offer.

To access your agreement, please reference the email sent to your personal email by CPT Group - it contains your unique personal ID and passcode along with instructions to access your individual agreement.

Resources for Separated US Employees. You will also be able to access and print the following resources and information using the unique ID and passcode emailed to you from CPT Group:

  • Employment Verification Letter
  • Farewell Acknowledgement Form
  • State-specific unemployment insurance information
  • COBRA FAQ - Guide and Rates
If you have questions or did not receive an email from CPT Group, please contact As you sign your separation agreement you will have the ability to print the document and attachments from your personal page.

Please enter your CPT ID and Passcode below to access your Separation Agreement. Your CPT ID and Passcode can be found in the email that was sent to you. If you do not have this information, please contact us toll-free by calling 1-(888)-317-0370 or sending an email to